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Operational or Business Efficiency Assessments (Diagnostic Workshops)

Client Industry: Various // Sector: Various


VA’s Diagnostic Workshop approach has been used across multiple clients across geographies and industries

The Challenge

The challenges can be very different, but examples here are for two load handling equipment manufacturing companies.

Client A was Inventory Management. Client B was ERP Implementation Readiness

The VA Solution

Our Diagnostic Workshop takes the form of a two day intensive series of meetings and interviews, through collaborative engagement with the client team and specific Terms of Reference, develops recommendations and an Outline Plan for business transformation.


For Client A We defined multiple workstreams including : A  new  sourcing strategy, stock management plan, inventory purge and management system, auto replenishment, assembly outsourcing and a LEAN manufacturing cycle time improvement plan.


For Client B we identified seven work streams: Inventory Management, Production System Improvement, Bill of Material Configuration, Supplier Management & Sourcing, Quality Control, Finance and ERP Implementation Readiness


We created fully Executable plans and introduced an Executive Governance System to oversee all of the work

Services Provided
  • Diagnostic Workshop

  • VA Programme Management System

  • Skilled Professional Services

  • Executive Governance System

The Benefits
  • Client A : Inventory savings from 60 to 30 days

  • Client B : ERP System Implementation readiness 

Fully Executable Plans for your business challenge

It's what 

we do!

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