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Using Production Control Rooms to deliver significant

improvements in profitability

Client Industry: Oil & Gas Industry // Sector: Manufacturing


This client is a leading global supplier of  engineering services and equipment to the oil and gas industry

The Challenge

Difficulty in meeting revenue targets . Needed assistance to drive improvements in productivity and improve the accuracy of  revenue forecasting.

The VA Solution

VA sub-divided the project into workstreams including financial forecast validation, tactical measures to meet monthly targets, continuous improvement measures focused on performance issues. Set up automated reporting of  KPIs and a VA Production Control Room © set up to closely monitor and manage performance

Services Provided
  • Production Management

  • Business Analytics

  • Lean Implementation

  • Supply Chain

The Benefits
  • $1M annualised additional EBITDA.

  • Improved procurement – bulk buying, improved accuracy

  • Reduced costs associated through expediting parts and material

  • Reduction in reworks and associated costs

  • Improved ECR (Engineering

  • Less Rework

  • Customer complaints eliminated

Practical solutions implemented

   by experts.  

It's what 

we do!

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